Jan 6 African Safari in Troy as featured in Popular Photography Magazine

December 31st, 2012

Start the new year with anAfrican Adventure. . . in Troy, MI!


William Cowger / ThePhotoSafari.com announces the opening of the African Adventure in Troy exhibit at the Troy Public Library in January 2013.  The month-long exhibit will be celebrated with a Meet the Photographer Opening Reception on Sunday, January 6th, 2013, from 2PM – 5PM.   The photo exhibit will be available for viewing from January 5th – January 31st.

Featured in the November 2011 issue of Popular Photography magazine, Mr. Cowger’s photo safaris & workshops, deliver on that ‘bucket list’ for wildlife observers as well as the most avid photography enthusiasts. Mr. Cowger will share the story of the animals’ daily struggle for survival in the healthiest eco-system on the planet that is now under seige by development.   Having thrived to provide a home to a million more large mammals today than in 1960, the Serengeti’s wealth of wildlife vividly epitomizes the circle of life as it provides sustenance to arguably the largest cat population on earth.  Through Mr. Cowger’s lens, observers will see firsthand what it feels like to be totally surrounded by large herds of elephants; so vividly realistic, the photos will engage all your senses as though you are seeing, smelling and hearing the animals from the plains of the Serengeti.

A special feature of this year’s presentation will be a slideshow and presentation by Mallory Brown, CEO of the WorldsClothesline.com. She just spent 4 months traveling from Cairo to Cape Town raising money for and assisting orphanages throughout Africa.  We are all excited to hear of her thrilling and fulfilling adventures.

“I love introducing people to the wonders of Africa,” says Cowger.  “It’s not nearly as scary or as dangerous as the media makes it out to be.”  Indeed, Cowger finds the behaviors of the big cats of Africa charmingly similar to our familiar house cats.

Cowger’s multi-media narrative presentation will take you on a 12-day safari through the awesome beauty of the Tanzanian landscape, from villages to archeological sites.  Dubbing the safari experience the “greatest natural show on earth,”  Cowger’s 45 minute presentation of his photographs will conclude with an opportunity to talk to him personally about his travels, photography and tour opportunities.  Three times a year or more, Cowger takes others to experience the wonders of Africa on “life-changing” adventures.  His safari tours have been profiled in Popular Photography Magazine, the Detroit Free Press, and many others.

In addition to leading other enthusiasts on photo safaris, Mr. Cowger has worked to raise enough money over the years to refurbish and support an entire elementary school in the town of the Usa River, Tanzania.  With the financial assistance, the children have been provided classrooms, sanitation stations and other improvements to aid in their education environment.  We are now supporting an orphanage with a difference.  Rather than create an institution where the children live, the orphanage provides day services, but finds homes for the children to spend the evenings. During the month-long exhibit, donations will be gratefully accepted to assist the children in the Seeway Orphanage in the town of the Usa River, Tanzania via the Troy Rotary Foundation.

For more information or to plan your own photo-safari, contact Cowger on Facebook: William Cowger’s African Safaris Page by phone at 248-828-0666 or email wcowger@ThePhotoSafari.com

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“The Serengeti – The Greatest Natural Show on Earth… Endangered”

September 20th, 2012

Speaking at Birmingham’s Baldwin Library Sunday September 30 at 2PM on “The Serengeti – The Greatest Natural Show on Earth– Endangered” Come see and hear what makes this such a magical place, and how social media is being used to save it.
The Serengeti – The Greatest Natural Show on Earth– Endangered

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Zebras, Zebras & More Zebras

April 9th, 2012
There are an estimated 600,000 zebras that participate in the Mega Migration in the Serengeti. Their symbiotic relationship with the wildebeest (complementary sensory assets that help protect each other, and their non-competing preference for long / short grasses) make them natural partners. Occasionally we encounter a herd of primarily one or the other species as we did in Feb of this year. The herd of almost only zebras we experienced was in the thousands (hard to count when we are on the ground at the same height). Watching them move toward and in the water and communicate with their almost donkey like whinny is always a fascinating experience. The mothers somehow keep track of the babies partly by the pitch of the sounds they make.

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A few of the 100’s of giraffes we see each trip

March 18th, 2012
space still available on 2012 trips

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Preening Leopard

March 8th, 2012
In all my trips, I have never had such an intimate encounter with a leopard as we did in February.  90% of the time, when a leopard comes down from a tree, it is off in the brush in a hurry. Occasionally we see head off on a hunt or climb a neighboring tree, but this time she stopped right in front of the car and posed and preened for more than 40 minutes.  It is important to note that these shots would not have been possible in the Serengeti National Park where cars must stay on the roads. This encounter happened in the adjoining Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where one may drive off road to within 50 meters of an animal as long as it does not block the normal movement / habits of the species (one of the advantages of learning where to be and when to be there). In this case, we parked near the tree and the leopard came even closer.

"Join me in Africa… 2012 & 2013 trips now available"

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Hyenas dominating the Ngorongoro Crater

March 6th, 2012
The hyenas of the Ngorongoro crater are becoming so aggressive that they are hunting in packs to take down their own prey. We witnessed (from a distance), hyenas attack and kill a young zebra (maybe 18 months old) and then eat it. Taking this leg back to the den for the pups is one of the spoils. We also witnessed an unsuccessful attack on a wildebeest that although severely wounded, survived by jumping in the hippo pool…. the hyenas did not follow. Many of the lions in the crater looked skinny and hungry.  When asked, our guides said that the hyenas are running lions off so many kills that they are going hungry.

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A couple eagles

March 1st, 2012
This tawny eagle which is coming in for a landing and the martial eagle flying overhead are just 2 of the 4-8 different eagles we see on every trip to the Serengeti. Everyone knows about the mammals… but few are aware of the plethora of bird life we see each time.

"Join me in Africa… 2012 & 2013 trips now available"

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Africa in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (3 days)

February 17th, 2012
Intimate encounters with…..
In 3 days.. 2 cheetah kills (have only seen 4 ever)….. 13 cheetahs … including 4 little fuzz ball babies…. 2 amazing close leopard sightings,  21 lions and we still have 9 days to go. (this is truly a special trip)  All this in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (part of Serengeti ecosystem in Tanzania).  Check out our luxury camp (tents like a 4-5 star hotel).  The chef prepared dining has been the better than any of the 4-5 star lodges. Off to the Serengeti next.

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Africa first few days (more to come)

February 17th, 2012
Visited a Masai women's cooperative where women are trained to better care for their family (ope fire chimneys, healthcare, etc), then on to Lake Manyara National Park where we encountered their infamous tree climbing lions (6 of them) … jumping ahead abit but we have seen 14 tree climbing lions since we arrived. This photo set includes a male vervet monkey in season… notice the blue.  A yellow breasted barbet… one of those days when the evolutionary designers was on drugs? A large bull elephant that approached our car to see if we were ok… and he deemed us to be such. In all an awesome half dayy on safari.

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Arrived in Africa

February 9th, 2012
Beautiful dinner in the garden. 82 degrees, no bugs, full moon and good food. Pureed banana soup with chicken (awesome even though it did not sound good), samosas, bbq chucken, and great fruit. Walkabout tomorrow. Sent from my BlackBerry
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